mixed-use developments

We are an elite mechanical contractor catering to the Lower Mainland in both residential and light commercial installations. 


We act with integrity in our internal and external interactions – in our individual work – in our employment policies – in our products and services – in our corporate citizenship – in all we do!

Pride in our craft

Much of what we build can’t be seen by the customer. We take as much pride in what can’t be seen as what can.


We are uncompromising in our commitment to excellence, leadership, and delivering value for our client’s investment.

Who We Are

We are professionals with dirty fingernails. With the fast progression of recent technology, mechanical systems have become quite complex. We take pride in the opportunity to learn about these advancements, which helps us develop new tactics in order to optimize performance.

harnessing technology

Our office team utilizes 3D modelling, BIM and advanced Project Management software’s to provide an extraordinary experience.

quality installations

With a background in high end residential, we bring a higher level of craftsmanship than the industry norm to our multifamily projects.


Strong communication is the backbone of any successful project. We fully understand this, and it is one of the things that sets Paris apart.